Resume Writing/Editing

We can either write your resume from scratch or edit the one you already have. Either way, we can help job seekers become stronger and more marketable candidates for management and executive type of jobs. All we need to make it happen is accurate career information and career goals. The rest will be taken care of by resume professionals.


CV Writing/Editing

A CV is a little bit different from a resume by its format and length. Sometimes the terms are used interchangeably but when you need a CV specifically (usually for academic and scientific position this type of document is required), feel free to place an order with We know the difference and will deliver high quality CV or edit the one that you already have.


Cover Letter Writing/Editing

The importance of a cover letter has been underestimated for quite a while now. This accompanying document is an effective tool to help you explain prospective employers why you are the best match for the opening. Our writers and editors know what hiring managers are looking for in this kind of letters and, therefore, can help you win job interviews.


Resume/CV Review

If you already have a resume written but are unsure whether it looks professional enough to apply for management and executive jobs, feel free to order this service. It assumes that our experts will review your document and provide detailed recommendations on how you can improve the document. Please, note this service doesn’t assume the actual editing of the document.


Business Card-Resume

Good networking is an important part of every successful job search campaigns. Having a resume in the form of a business card can significantly help you get your foot in the doors of new job opportunities. At ResumesExpert, we offer business card-resume service to provide job seekers with more of such opportunities.


Additional Services


Thank You Letter

A post-interview follow-up letter can make all the difference between you and other candidates for a management type of position. Reiterating your interest and addressing the issues brought up during an interview will definitely help any job seeker to increase one’s chances on getting hired. Our writers know well how to develop a winning thank you letter.


Resume Distribution

At ResumesExpert we can help not only with resume writing but also with sending out your resume to employment agencies that can actually assist you in getting job interviews. All you have to do is to provide your target jobs and the area – from there on it will be our job to find employment agencies that work within your areas of interest and send them your resume.


KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities)

A series of narratives are required for US Federal government job openings. These statements are used to determine the best candidates’ along with resumes. You can have KSAs written by ResumesExpert – just place a mark next to the respective service box.