Executive-Level Resume Writing

Developing an effective resume that will land you job interviews isn’t an easy thing. Writing one to get an interview for a management or an executive level position is much more challenging as it requires certain experience and skill set. Organizing years of experience and accomplishments on a single document in a way that would secure good career opportunities takes hours and sometimes even days. Because the competition on the jobs market is very high, submitting a professionally written resume and/or cover letter can make a huge difference. In most cases when job seekers want to apply for office assistant or sales associate jobs, they neither need much of the industry specific knowledge nor understanding of how hiring managers make their decisions. Listing educational credentials and employment history in a reverse-chronological format is enough to get a foot in the interview doors. However, that is not the case with those pursuing management and executive-level positions.

ResumesExpert is a team of seasoned professionals who come from various managerial and executive backgrounds. Our company was created to help exclusively those who are looking for professional resume writing assistance in order to get management/executive kind of job. We don’t work with those who are entering workforce or simply need a job to make ends meet. Having such an experienced team of writers we believe that we cannot waste such a valuable resource on writing entry level resumes or CVs. Instead, we are fully concentrated on providing resume writing services to ambitious professionals who seek better career opportunities. The truth of the matter is that people like that don’t have much time to spend on resume writing since they are usually busy with business activities or other kind of responsibilities. That is where ResumesExpert steps in to help and do it on behalf of job seekers.

Here are some of the things our team will work on when writing a resume:

Creating an executive summary. Instead of using the resume objective, we use executive summary which highlights one’s value proposition specific to the applying position. This is to answer the very first question hiring authorities ask themselves when reviewing applications – “So what?”

Incorporating specific business impact. You may be a good candidate offering a solid track record of experience but that is not good enough for the executive-level jobs. People who aim at management roles have to understand that individuals who are hired for such posts are expected to drive growth and bring more money to the company.

Tailoring all sections to align with one’s target job. It is important to be relevant throughout the entire document. Everything that is written should basically scream “executive”. Highlighting executive areas isn’t easy when you don’t know what those areas are.

Obviously, there are more things our resume writers work on, but those aspects listed above are there just to give you a rough idea of how our service is different from other resume agencies out there. We work exclusively for job seekers who strive to become managers and executives. If you are interested in our resume writing service, wish to place an order or have a question, please feel free to contact our live support team. They work 24/7, so you can reach us anytime.