Impressive Accomplishment Statements at One Stroke

April 10, 2017

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After completing a tip-top profile statement, you should move on to the most important part of your resume, which is a review of achievements and credentials throughout your work experience. You can present yourself in the best possible light by embellishing your skills in resume, but unless you can prove those skills in action, your efforts may go down the drain. Therefore, accomplishment statements will demonstrate that you perfectly suit the position and can outdo other candidates. Here is a secret recipe for how to write a good resume:

Accomplishments for Resume

1. Think of your previous work history and recollect all your attainments that can impress a recruiter. Depending on the job and skills in resume, which you want to emphasize, this “achievement” can be as simple as tackling the problem with a dissatisfied customer or getting fifty thousand dollars in sales within a month. Remember that it should reflect one of the skills required in the job description.

2. Jot down the accomplishment, highlighting 3 key areas:
• Issue: Under what circumstances did you accomplish the task? Did you have to meet a deadline? Did you do it under a strain or without supervision?
• Action: What measures did you take? What skills did you apply to handle the situation? Be specific and choose strong action verbs.
• Result: What was the outcome? You can also describe the situation, which could happen, and state the ultimate result if the issue was not resolved. Examples of outcomes could be increased profitability, engagement of many new customers, increased productivity, or successfully finished projects.

3. Use short sentences when you enumerate your accomplishments, starting with the result, and adding contextual details for a better impression. Turn a simple work duty into a challenge, for instance: “Supervised new employees”. Turn it into the accomplishment by mentioning the benefits of the taken actions … “Supervision of new employees led to the increased customer satisfaction.” … and then incorporate numbers or time periods in order to sound more powerful… “Supervised more than 10 new employees within 3 months, which led to the increased customer satisfaction.” In addition, make it sound even more profound by evaluating the results and putting it at the beginning of the entire sentence. “Increased customer satisfaction by 30% due to the effective supervision of 10 new employees over 3 months.” Bingo! The recruiter thinks you are a real asset to the company. The more of similar statements you can come up with for each job in your resume’s work history, the more suitable you seem to be for a position. Naturally, it is worth efforts and you should spend some time creating these powerful yet concise statements. Keep practicing!
Now you know how to write a good resume without any worries. All you need is a bit of determination as well as motivation. And remember, the world is your oyster, so keep your chin up!


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