How to Write an Executive CV


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April 3, 2017

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The job market in the field of management is highly competitive these days; therefore, it has become crucial to be able to submit an efficient CV to be noticed among thousands of other candidates. The following guide is an Aladdin’s lamp that can make your wishes come true and help you write a perfect CV to apply for an executive position. The main aim of a good CV is not only presenting the applicant’s credentials and achievements, but also creating a personal image and brand of an ambitious and knowledgeable person. In other words, it helps you to be noticed and selected. It is an effective means of showing how you can add extra value to the organization, why you should be selected, what makes you special, and what benefits you will bring to the company if hired.

Executive CV Writing Guide

A lot of people believe that the most effective bridge to a prospective employer is a well-written executive CV. It can market the job-seekers through their previous job history and work achievements, ensuring their success. However, when almost all candidates submit almost identical CVs with a long list of jobs they had, the hiring manager cannot differentiate among them. It is a great challenge to identify the glitter of gold among the spangles if they look alike. Therefore, it is crucial to let the employer see the skills you currently have.

Show the recruiters not only your work achievements, but also how your style of management can be beneficial in your future position. Prepare a CV that presents your bright personality, as well as and your unique brand. Back up your current talents with your previous experience. Reinterpret your past into a tool that leads you to a great future.

Writing an Excellent CV: Helpful Tips
Create your CV focusing on the target outcomes. It is commonly considered effective to measure the CV value with figures. However, work achievements in numbers presented in the text of the CV may appear to be too superficial. Try to point toward the original achievements with as many relevant details as possible. For example, expand on how you managed to be instrumental when you piloted an absolutely new company sales initiative that brought tremendous profits and was recognized at the national level. Best CV tips advise the applicants to present all the achievements in the most comprehensible manner with the brightest details regarding the impact.

If your ambitions urge you to pitch yourself at a higher level, for instance, to a position of a senior manager, present your potential in your professional profile in the most beneficial way. Pitch up your level using the best CV tips. Make sure that your CV is not a useless record of facts and details. Turn it into a compelling document and open new horizons!
Are you willing to develop and be promoted? Upgrade your CV and get a new well-paid and interesting job.


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