How to Write a Great Project Management Resume

April 26, 2017

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Are you currently working as a project manager? Have you ever tried to get a position in the field of project management? Then you definitely know that it is a great challenge to make your resume look up-to-date, professional, and effective. We have outstanding news for you! It has never been so easy to write a top-notch resume that it is now with the help of our practical writing tips.

Writing an Effective Resume Can Be Easy

Whatever position you have in project management, you will benefit from the practical advice about writing a perfect resume. Whether you are a Project Director, a PMO, a IT project manager, a senior analyst, or a business analyst, you need to extend your skills in writing a project management resume.
Please note! Writing any resume implies taking into consideration three important factors:
1. It should be action-driven.
2. It should contain relevant keywords.
3. It should include quantification and description of all contributions.

Action-Driven Project Management Resumes

Any tips for writing a resume will point out that it is not a mere job history or job description. Your future employer does not need detailed information regarding your responsibilities and duties at the previous jobs. All they need is to see your strengths, which can be communicated with action verbs.

Resumes with Relevant Keywords

It is essential to add useful keywords to every effective resume; however, what is important to remember is that every field has its own keywords. For instance, business project management or IT project management resumes will contain absolutely different sets of keywords; besides, they will differ even among various positions you can be pursuing.

Story of Your Success in a Resume

Read the tips for writing a resume to understand how you can present your results, contributions, accomplishments and achievements to the employer in the most effective way. One of the options is to focus on the challenges, actions taken to address and overcome all the problems, and the obtained results. Ask yourself the following questions when you work on presenting your story of success to get a good project management job:
– What is your role in leading projects and managing them?
– How do you behave as a team member at different stages of the project?
– How many projects can you manage during a year?
– How many projects are under your supervision simultaneously?
– What is the average scope and size of the projects you have managed?
– Have you got any special approaches to competing needs and demands within a project?
– How do you deal with proposals and contracts?
– What is your most successful project? Why?
The success of your resume depends on how honestly and effectively you will answer the mentioned questions. Collect all the information you need and start working on your resume to get a well-paid project management job. Focus on essential solutions, remember about your personal branding, and present your accomplishments with pride. Be persistent and achieve whatever you want!


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