How to Prepare for an Interview Overnight


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May 24, 2017

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Imagine that you were picked for a job interview, which would start just in a day. If you think that you will definitely fail because of insufficient interview preparation, we offer you a way out. The following checklist takes about four hours to work through, but following it increases your changes to savor the longed-for position. So how to get hired at one stroke?

Best Interview Tips

Carry out a research (five minutes)
Successful preparation involves finding out as much as possible beforehand. Contact the person who invited you to the interview and ask:
• Who is your interviewer? Will you be talking to the manager you will work for, or are you going just to meet HR? What interviewers expect from candidates?
• What is the dress code? Usually, it is advisable to be dressed up and be well-groomed. It may improve your professional image.
• Ask for the directions to the office. Arrive earlier. Keep the interviewer’s phone in case you get stuck in traffic. Try looking on the bright side; otherwise the interview will be a flop.
• Familiarize yourself with the detailed job description.
Do not hesitate to call! You will make an impression of an assertive person.

Google the company online (approximately one hour)
Browse some information about the company online to demonstrate that you are genuinely interested in how the organization works. Check the employer’s website or search for some information like:
• How large is the company in terms of annual profitability or staff?
• What does the company have to offer?
• What recent tidbits (such as a presentation of a new product, a merger with another leading company, or a press release) can you talk about?
• If the company is renowned, look through the boilerplate at the bottom of its press release to find out more.

Think of some stories (two and a half hours)
Be ready to answer both typical and tricky questions about yourself. Therefore, it is important to come up with three succinct achievement stories that will highlight your strong sides. Mention some of your attainments at previous work which you are proud of. Such stories help to demonstrate such valuable qualities like initiative, motivation, leadership, or teamwork. Besides, try quantifying your experience: “boosted sales by 30 percent” or “increased the number of satisfied clients by 25 percent”. By the way, accomplishments outside your work also count. If you are involved in a non-profit organization or work as a volunteer, share the daunting challenges you overcome there.

Prepare your outfit and go to sleep early (30 minutes)
Pick a felicitous outfit and get a good night rest. The last thing you want is your interview preparation to go down the drain by arriving agitated because of some morning mishaps. Wondering how to get hired for your dream job? Use these tips and you will definitely outshine other candidates.


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